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The new improved line of luggage straps PiggyBackCollection™ was born inspired by knowledge obtained during survey conducted among over 350 real travelers.
Interesting Facts: "Over 35% of people who had experience using other average quality luggage straps were disappointed with their quality."
To make our straps the Travelers Choice Number #1 and Important Accessory for any traveler we implemented all main customers' requirements and insights in our new product line PiggyBackCollection™.


Problem: Nearly a third of all respondents who had experience purchasing luggage straps complained about the quality of the strap locks, saying that the lock was unreliable.
Solution: We developed a stronger lock with extra slip protection holder. Tests showed that our new luggage strap PiggyBackCollection™ can hold luggage over 120 pounds (60kg)--far more than standard straps.


Problem: Poor quality strap fabric. Many travelers buy luggage straps to minimize the pressure on bag's zippers and to ensure the bag won't open during the flight or on the baggage carousel. Most straps will do this, at least for a while.
Solution: The fabric we use is an incredibly durable polyester that is 30-50% thicker than standard straps, which explains why it's widely used in packing, transportation and even military applications.


Problem: The best materials in the world won't make a difference if they're not assembled correctly.
Solution: Our Straps4Luggage™ straps are pieced together using a high-quality "X" sewing technique that makes them incredibly reliable, trip after trip, mile after mile. We're so sure of the durability of our straps that we're offering a lifetime warranty--the first in the industry.


Problem: Tags, ribbons, tape--there are lots of ways to mark a bag to prove it’s yours--and nearly all inconvenient or unsightly. And filling out luggage tags takes time, often at the worst time.
Solution: Our marketing research told us that people wanted a better way to mark their luggage, so we integrated a pocket designed to hold a business card. The simple solutions always seem to be the best ones. Forget filling out luggage tags.


Problem: Straps that are too short to go around your largest bags or, worse, just barely long enough.
Solution: PiggyBackCollection™ straps are a convenient 83 inches--large enough to fit around your largest suitcase, or even more than one. These can also be used to piggyback a smaller bag to your main one. For more information please click here.


Problem: Many survey respondents said they had a hard time distinguishing their bags from others on the carousel.
Solution: All our straps have distinctive and attractive designs. Its bright colors are fade-resistant and make your luggage immediately recognizable for years.

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